Seasonal tea information: the time of "Shoman 小満"

In the 24th solar term, it will become "小満 shoman" after May 20th. It is full of various lives, overgrown with vegetation, and the temperature rises. At the time of harvest wheat, silk moths feed on mulberry leaves and grow, and insects start to move actively. Butterflies are also changing their clothes from spring to summer.

It is important to strengthen the blood vessels during this season. Watermelons will line up on the market, but they are not only effective for heat dissipation and diuresis, but also for the coming production of sunstroke and heatstroke. It is also effective for improving the constitution of people with high blood pressure.

Drinks containing polyphenols are recommended as drinks during this period. It prevents the oxidation of cholesterol and strengthens blood vessels. Many people think of polyphenols as wine. Even in the stay home, alcohol may be distracting to Japanese people from daytime.

ZENJIRO recommends Sencha. The polyphenol content of sencha is higher than that of wine. Citrus is also good, so cold brewed sencha and crushed ice and lemon floated sencha lemon is a perfect drink for this summer season.

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