A special "recommended gift" that warms their heart

2020/12/17 15:35

This article is for Japanese.

What makes them happy as the standard gifts?

You're at a loss when choosing a gift. What kind of things are popular? I will look at the ranking.

Most of the top rankings are:

Ham and sausage: It's popular because it lasts a long time even if they get it in the refrigerator. It is also convenient that they do not like or dislike it very much. However, it may not be suitable for the elderly. For Japanese, there aren't many vegans and vegetarians.

Western confectionery and Japanese confectionery: If they get hooked on it, they will be pleased. All you have to do is know the preferences of the recipient. However, it doesn't last long, so it's a problem if you give it during or just before their trip. It's a gift with difficult timing.

Crab, beef, pork, shabu-shabu: It may be tough for old people who have a longevity problem and eat less. However, there are many elderly people in their 70s and 80s who have a strong appetite.

Fruits: Some people don't eat much fruit, but few people don't like it. However, potassium-rich fruits need to be restricted, for example, for people with weak kidneys and dialysis patients. In some cases, overdose of potassium can lead to sudden death.

Beer / Wine / Alcohol: Although it is a pleasing gift, some people are not good at alcohol. I don't think there are many Japanese Muslims who are banned from alcohol.

Coffee and tea: This is also a staple that always comes in the top ranks. It will last for a long time. However, it has always been the case that people do not drink instant coffee even if you give it. Then, do you want to give coffee beans? How about that too? There are people who like tea and people who don't drink it. This is the difficulty of luxury items.

But what about Japanese tea?

Japanese tea is a long-lasting drink and everyone like it. But the problem is too mediocre.

Gifts for events and trips may be surprising and pleasing.

Gifts that come in the top of the rankings are popular, but on the other hand, they are all mediocre. There are also gifts aimed at unexpectedness.

For example, a hot spring inn accommodation ticket with an open-air bath, a Disneyland coupon ticket, or a bus tour with luxurious sushi to eat at the food market.

Gifts for events and trips may be surprising and pleasing.

But now that COVID is terrible, that is no longer possible. We can't even give them a "Kimetsu no Yaiba" costume pajamas.

ZENJIRO's gift technique!

Even if it is a mediocre Japanese tea as a gift, why not give it with a message and story?

Our Japanese tea gifts have the following unexpectedness and storylines.

Rarity of the lesser-known production area of ​​Mino Shirakawa tea

Brands that are sold in overseas countries: The package design is the same as overseas.

Gift set instruction manual with selectable message

The third message is only for gift sets, but you can choose from three types of messages: general, friends, and corporate.

You cannot enter the name of the recipient or the name of the giver, but neither

"I'm always missing you, but I can't actually meet with you."

"I'm always grateful"

"I found a strange tea, so I hope you can use it."

"Take care of your health"

Because it is the content like above, you can convey your feelings no matter who you give it to.

In addition to small celebrations such as year-end gifts, mid-year's summer gifts, and birthday celebrations, in this environment, there is a word for returning gifts instead of being unable to return home.

Give them our Japanese tea gift, and when you get a call saying "It arrived", please talk while drinking the same tea and supplementing the feelings you put in the message.

I'm sure not only the body but also the heart will be warm ♪