Our shop was published in "the Welfare Club" ♪

2021/02/27 09:59

Our shop was published in "the Welfare Club" ♪

February 27, 2021. 

Our domestic e-commerce site "TCHA-TCHA" has been posted on "Fukurikosei Club(Welfare Club)", one of the largest welfare services for companies in Japan. Employees of member companies will be able to use five types of benefits such as discounts.

We look forward to your continued patronage of ZENJIRO and TCHA-TCHA's Japanese tea products.

TCHA-TCHA Online Shop https://tcha-tcha-japan.com/

Fukurikosei Club: A welfare outsourcing service operated by Reloclub. With the motto "Benefits comparable to those of large companies for SMEs," they are building an original welfare outsourcing service by quickly absorbing the diverse needs of companies. It is a cost-effective service that can be used by employees of contract companies and their families, and supports the realization of work-life balance and self-development of employees. Since the service started in 1993, it has been used by many companies as a pioneer in the industry. The number of contracted companies is 12,600, which is the largest in the industry, and the number of members is 7.35 million. It boasts the largest market share (41.0%) in the industry. They provide highly satisfying services that take advantage of the economies of scale. (From the Reloclub website)