New package for ZENJIRO products debut!

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new package of Japanese tea products.

There is one type each of sencha and hojicha powder, and two types of matcha and hojicha. All contents are unified to 50g. The package is available in Japanese and English.

The mark is based on the image of a tea plantation, and the catch phrase "From tea plantation in the sky" from Mino Shirakawa and "From tea plantation glittering in the sunlight" from Shizuoka is included.

We have been exporting to 18 countries overseas so far, but we will also supply new packaged products to EC in Europe, Belgian distributors, EC in Southeast Asia such as Singapore and North America, and oversea's cafes and restaurants.

The release date is May 30 (a Shizuoka matcha is scheduled for early June).