About our shop

Our company (JYXYER Co., Ltd.) develops two original brands, ZENJIRO and TCHA-TCHA, in Japan and overseas.

ZENJIRO: A product brand centered on high-end tea.

TCHA-TCHA: Shop name brand and tea leaf products.

Our brand site is https://www.zenjiro.jp/, and information is also posted on our blog.


This shop operates as an official online shop of the brand site (https://www.zenjiro.jp/), and receives and ships orders from customers in Japan and overseas. The blog articles of this shop are mainly related to the store.


We export our brand tea leaves from Japan to countries around the world in B2C, and also sell them in B2B to meet the demand of overseas buyers. The front labels of ZENJIRO and TCHA-TCHA brand products sold at this shop use the same design as overseas specifications.

The products of this shop are mainly rare high-class tea cultivated in the highest tea plantation in Japan and also called natural gyokuro. We also have sencha with a slight sweetness, roasted green tea with aroma and gentle taste, matcha green tea and roasted green tea powder, so you can easily enjoy latte and ole at home.

Garden Cafe TCHA-TCHA

There is a page of the lawn garden cafe TCHA-TCHA where the kitchen car of the 974 classic car (VW bus) is placed. Only domestic customers are available.

Alliance with corporate member site

We are affiliated with "Fukuri Kosei Club (welfare club)," which is one of the largest welfare services for companies in Japan. Five benefits are available to members of the club.

Convenience store in the hospital

Our Japanese tea products are now on sale at convenience stores in hospitals of Japan.

Global site

We operate a global site for overseas markets other than Japan. (The global site and the domestic site will be integrated into this site in near future. The release will be announced on the announcement page.)