ZENJIRO Starts Education Business for Restaurants around the World

ZENJIRO, JYXYER Co., Ltd., has started an education business for food service providers including restaurants in 80 cities around the world with the aim of disseminating correct knowledge about Japanese tea to the benefit of consumers.

This is the only educational program that allows food service providers to learn about Japanese tea systematically and practically, and classes are conducted online. From September, From September, we will start recruiting about 12,000 restaurants in selected cities in the following countries by private method. We will gradually expand to cities and countries other than the following.

US 14 cities, Canada 5 cities, UK 6 cities, Europe 16 countries 38 cities, Middle East 2 countries 4 cities, Oceania 2 countries 3 cities, Asia 3 countries 7 cities, Central and South America and 3 other cities